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 Acupuncture treatment for Migraine Headache

Treating headache patient in China
Treating the Patient with headach in China

The USA Map Story

US Map

Some thirty years ago, we put a USA map which we acquired earlier not what to do with it until one day, we put it up on an empty wall.  Not too long after that, we saw a few pins being placed on by patients who came to our clinic from out of states.  This initiative ignited something totally unintended when we first put that map on the wall as we had no idea at all that this map would become a landmark of our achievement or the inflow indicator of our patients.

  When we first discovered this there were already pins  on more than a dozen states.  what a nice out of states patients tally all started by our out of state patients, to whom we are of course very grateful to them for having done that.  Shortly after that, patients from nearby Houston covered the nearby Houston areas like wildfire.  It took some 20 years to have pins on every state in the USA.  We need to attest that great majority of those who have come from out of states were coming for quit smoking treatments which happen to be our expertise.     


Tennis Elbow: his man on right who works in Dubai suffered from tennis elbow for a long time and  could hardly use his left hand. He tried a number of ways  to combat the problem to no avail. He came to us and got result.  

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: This man on the left suffered carpel tunnel  syndrome  for months and he could not get any treatment help in Venezuela. Someone brought him to see us. 


Various locations of our bodies are reflected on our ears like a up side down fetus.

ear chart
ear chart
       EAR CHART
Ear Diagnosis
Ear Diagnosing, In China
Ear Diagnosis
Tiong Ling with Prof. Huang
With Prof. XingNong Chen
With Prof. Chen
With Dr. Sieng-Ming Huang,  Tiong's mentor and professor. Picture taken at his home in Shanghai, 1982. 

Professor Xing-Nong Chen was a professor at the International Acupuncture Training Center, Beijing and the vice President of the Chinese National Acupuncture Society. Prof. Chen wrote the foreword for our book

- Everything You Want To Know About Acupuncture.  The book is available in  our Peking Acupuncture Clinic

With Dr. Huang

Taken with Dr. Li Chung Huang, 

one of the four giants  on auricular acupuncture in China.

We are her first students from

the USA.

With Dr. Huang
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