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Acupuncture Eliminates Pain Quick

In 2016 when I was trying to fix an electrical fixture on the ceiling, a sudden fall landed on the left side of my body on the hard floor. The pain was so severe that I needed to see my doctor right away. The X Ray and MRI taken failed to identify anything wrong, but the severe pain led my doctor to refer me to see another doctor who did not know what to do except asking me to have physical therapy. After two weeks of physical therapy 3 times per week could only reduce the pain a little bit. I was quite worried and upset when a friend of mine told me to go and see Dr. Ling of Peking Acupuncture clinic. I knew very little about acupuncture but my friend gave me some hope to try. To my surprise, just three acupuncture treatments not only my body pain was all but gone, he also told me I needed to lose weight. So he added weight control to my visits. He gave me another surprise when I lost 44 pounds.

After my problems were helped, my wife also wanted acupuncture.. She had 6 months of right knee pain for which she had been to see two medical doctors without much help She was also treated by Dr. Ling who took care of her knee pain with only two treatment sessions.

Four years have passed since we went to see Dr. Ling and both of us are still pain free. I am very happy to write this letter with thanks.

Battojor J. Garcia



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