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A lot of information in this book has never been published or made available in the Western world. The information in this book is presented in layman's terms with many fascinating acupuncture stories which make a technical and dry subject interesting to read. This book is a useful source and a meaningful guide for people who want to learn more about acupuncture.

"This book touches on the most important aspects of acupuncture and is a comprehensive introduction to this art of healing."

--- Dr. Chen Xingnong
Vice President of the National Acupuncture Society of China, 1985


Dr. Lynn's [Tiong H. Ling] extensively researched text on the topic of drinking water problems will supply you with an eye-opening experience. He spells out in layman's terms the toxins commonly found in tap water today and the health risks they pose. This book provides an excellent "crash course" for those of us who are concerned with drinking water quality but have little time to dedicate to researching the subject.

--- Denis Gonzales, M.D.
Fellow, American College of Allergy and Immunology Florida

This book, based upon lab test reports, gives details of the health and medical benefits of different types of tea, primarily green tea. It also elaborates on tea culture - tea growing, processing, brewing, drinking and serving - as well as the correlation between tea drinking and longevity. Green tea contains high levels of catechins and polyphenol compounds, both of which promote good health. The authors predict green tea will become one of the most ubiquitous drinks of the 21st century. This book serves as an informative guide to tea drinking and will change the way tea drinkers choose their cups of tea in the future.

" This book is a timely, important reminder of the wonders nature has to offer in improving our health."

--- Dr. B.C. "Bill" Wolverton, Ph.D.
Ret. NASA Senior Scientist


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