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40 years of Pain, Gone

40 years ago I was involved in an accident in which I was thrown into the air and landed on a wet rice field some 40 feet away. I was real lucky my entire body was intact but totally unconcious. when I was semi conscious in the hospital the next day, I could barely hear someone talking around me. A good while later when I regained consciousness, I felt severe pain all over my back. I was haunted by this severe and never ending pain for 40 years. The back pain which also radiated down to both legs with not only numbness, but also severe weakness. All these problems were further compounded with the lack of balance when walking. I was so crippled that I could only move 30 feet at a time, with the help of a rollator and a cane to prevent falling. So, mentally and physically, I was in a devastated state after 40 years of seeing dozens of doctors, medical testing, including MRI’s, Ct scans, trying many kinds of prescription drugs, over two dozens of steroid shots, two back surgeries, with no end insight, The only drug which could reduced the levels of pain for me was the 500 mg of Tylenol which I relied upon for 40 years. 40 long years of suffering, had made me feel that it could be unrealistic to hope for a day without pain.

But then, out of nowhere and in all hopelessness, my doctor sent me to see Dr. Ling to try acupuncture. His first treatment which reduced my pain by 75%, instantly rekindled my hope. After his 5th treatment, all my pain was gone, but the weakness and numbness on both legs still persisted and so was the imbalance problem. I realized then that the latter two problems were actually so much more difficult to treat than the pain problem. But after a few more treatments and the follow up treatments from Dr. Nancy Ling, even the much more difficult problems vanished.

Now I can walk any distance I want to. From being crippled, disabled, and could only walk a very short distance at a time for 40 years, it was a life full of agonies and tortures. But in just a few weeks of acupuncture treatments, not only I can walk again, but with:


It is wonderful!

I feel it is nothing short of a miracle.

Lots of thanks to Drs Nancy and Tiong Ling

F. C. July,2022


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